Our Focuses

a better workplace is the first step of a better world


Enrich candidates’ social circles by regular networking activities. Encouragement by real life role models and peers.

Candidate Support

Partner with corporations, we provide mock interview workshops for candidates to prepare themselves for the real challenges.


Many rejections come from misunderstanding, whether it is rejecting a job offer, or rejecting a candidate’s application. What’s better than having a chance to understand each other first?


Consultation for corporations on workplace environment, retention strategy, workflow optimization, and recruitment solution.

Antnergy Social Resources

“To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better.” ― Victor Hugo

Antnergy Social Resources (ASR) was formed in 2016, by a group of experienced recruiters who believe in a harmonious workplace is the first step of a better world. ASR is a social enterprise which focuses on job placements for candidates in special needs, including disability, minorities, and rehabs.

According to governmental survey, over 75% of candidates in special needs that are suitable to work are unemployed. The impact is not merely economical, but more importantly it stops the continuous development of one’s life.

One sees candidates in special needs can only complete entry level tasks. We see it differently. Many candidates are in fact highly educated with far visions and strong wills in career developments. We work with corporations directly to provide recruitment solutions, providing a platform for candidates in special needs to seek for their dreams, and at the same time a platform for corporations to resolve their recruitment headaches.

What are the differences between ASR and a regular recruitment company? NOTHING. It is because after all “we” are all the same.

  • Encouragement by peers

  • Get prepared with corporates

  • Understanding each other

  • We are all the same =)

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